We can't just win an election, we have to heal a divide.

We can win elections, we know that.  We can mobilize and get the pendulum to swing the other way to create more balance.  But our nation is divided, and no amount of back and forth with elections is going to change that until we start talking to each other. We used to be able to talk about issues without being disagreeable.  There are always going to be disagreements and maybe even glaring gaps in our beliefs, but a friendly, respectful debate of the issues without each of us "going to our corners and coming out fighting" is something we need more of in this nation.  

But let's talk about how this has happened.  Our sound bite culture largely driven by punchy one or two word characterizations of another persons beliefs is what is causing this rift.  Lobbyists in their bid to keep their funding flowing and their relevancy intact like nothing more than people fighting harshly over issues.  Fear mongering and people going to their corners increases donations to the cause.  Yes fundraising for special interests keeps us name calling and dumbing down issues instead of digging in and looking at the gray areas.  

Political disagreements are not simple or we would have solved them by now.  It's important to understand the complexity.  I hope to have many civil discussions of the issues in this campaign, and to keep talking about how to heal the divide. I will call out anyone that starts criticizing another for their political choices.  Stick to the issues, and if you want to criticize a politicians choices fine, but personal attacks are destructive and not necessary.  A good conversation can create a migration to a consensus on the issues without compromising our values.

Dave RingVote Dave Ring