Government Reform



Government should be completely transparent and inclusive. Representatives should listen to their constituents. I will have an open door policy as a State Senator and I will encourage your involvement.


TIF District Reform

Tax Increment Financing takes money from public school systems and can be used as a slush fund for corrupt politicians. We should end TIF districts or completely reform the laws.

Campaign Finance Reform

This campaign will be funded by individual contributions only. We will not be a part of the pay to play system that now dominates politics. I will work with your help to reform campaign finance laws.

Term Limits

I am in favor of term limits. While we do get some good and honest politicians like Bernie Sanders, I think that in most cases the public is not served well by not having term limits.


We have to hold our government officials to the highest standards. They're spending our tax dollars and we should have zero tolerance for corruption. We need to enact anti-corruption legislation.




Increased CAFO Regulation

Confined Animal Feeding Operations lower property values, pollute air and water, and can lead to decreased population in rural areas. We need a moratorium on new CAFO permits to protect rural areas.


Small Business = Sustainable Growth

Small business should be our main priority in economic development, not tax cuts for large corporations and billionaires. Let's make Main Street the priority. We should increase business training.


Hemp, Cannabis, CBD Legalization

Legalization will provide tax dollars used for education, lower incarceration rates, health benefit alternatives, hemp production back to farms, and our freedom to choose what's best for ourselves.

Quality of Life and Place

Our natural areas provide places to relax and to have recreational opportunities. They also generate eco-tourisim dollars and help increase population. I support the Mounds Greenway.


Sustainable Agriculture

Organic farming is the fastest growing segment of agriculture in the country and lags far behind in Indiana. It's past time we made it a priority and brought prosperity back to our rural landscape.


Opiates, meth, and crime


Community Policing

A focus on community policing will allow police to build relationships with the community. Interacting more with the localized public will benefit relationship building on both sides.


Treatment for Opiate Addiction

I am strongly in favor of increased investment for treatment of opiate addiction that is decimating our rural and urban communities.

K-12 Education Meth & Opiates

To further prevent the tragedy of addiction we have to increase education in schools about the dangers of these highly destructive substances.